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  1. I think the LIve Map is a great tool to get your self unlost or to find other members residents. I just wish there was a way that if you were not on, you would be able to find your resident with out being on the server.
  2. If you log on to the server, you can go to your res then open livemap and check your lot position on the map, then just remember where your lot is for future reference :)
  3. shaun!!! log on empire!
  4. I guess that would work but it would be nice to be able to have like a book mark bar to save your places like your own resident and your friends homes would it not?
  5. That it would, i often like to put the map in the 3d view and zoom right in to look at players creations.
    The map does show the co-ordinates as you move the mouse over it, so if you wrote down the co-ordinates as you walk around town, you can go to them on the map and see where it was.
  6. It is part of my plans (however the plans list is miles long) to have it so you can click on a residence in the server information and it will take you to it on the Live Map :)
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  7. A feature that I would find really useful for wild exploration/living, would be to be able to put the X, Z coordinates into the URL as parameters. ie: http://smp3.empireminecraft.com:8880/x=123&y=-1563

    This would reduce the load on the server for those of us who find themselves repeatedly having to adjust zoom level and scroll through the live map every time it times out, loading a bunch of data I do not need.
  8. You can do this it is just not posted anywhere as a feature:
    http://smp3.empireminecraft.com:8880/?x=123&z=-1563&worldname=wilderness , note that Y is "altitude" so on a flat map only X&Z apply. The options you can use in the URL are:

    worldname (wilderness/town/wilderness_nether)
    mapname (surface/flat)
    zoom (zoom level, bigger the number is the more zoomed in)

    Here is an example with all of them: http://smp3.empireminecraft.com:8880/?x=123&z=-1563&worldname=wilderness&mapname=flat&zoom=6

    Also here is another fun trick to start the map and center on a player: http://smp3.empireminecraft.com:8880/?playername=USERNAME

    Edit: I see what you mean, it would be nice to like "copy" location while you are on the map to come back later :) This is a good idea!
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  9. I should have tried it! I suspected...

    I was about to get the Dynamap documentation. :)