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  1. Hey Can you please help me?My friend gave me perms on container and build on his res but when i lock my chests he can still open them what i must do? (Sorry For Bad English)
  2. Take away his container perms and do this:
    Get a sign
    On the first line put "ACCESS"
    On the second line put his username
    Place this sign above the chest YOU not him want him to access. All chests without the sign will be locked to him.
  3. I dont get it..so i must put a sign on MY chest with ACCESS and my name and thats all?
  4. No, what you need to do is this;
    1. Locate chests you wish to grant your friend access too.
    2. Place a sign directly above that chest typing on the first line 'access' and on the second their IGN.
    3. Make sure you have removed their container flags.
    4. They will now be able to access only the specified chests of which you have them access too.

    Unlike many servers Empire Minecraft does not offer the feature to lock individual chests in town this feature is only available in the Wilderness, Nether and End. This is because every chest is automatically locked on your res until you give someone a flag allowing them to access your chests. Although it may be useful having this locking feature it is NOT available as of now and will likely never exist as an in-town EMC feature.
    If this was clear please give me a like if it was not clear please don't like me and I will try to adjust this post as well as I can to help you understand ;)
  5. If its your friends res - he will ALWAYS be able to open the chest.
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  6. Oh sorry I wrote the instructions from your friends point of view!
    Unfortunately as it is not your res but is your friends you cannot have chests with restricting access from him. EVERY chest on his res no matter what surcumstances are accessible by him as he is the residence owner. In this situation all you can do is either put the chests containing your items on your residence or trust that your friend will do the right thing and not betray that trust by stealing your items.

    Sorry for any inconvenience...
  7. If he steals your stuff, he isn't much of a friend. :)
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