Able enable/disable shops via website

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  1. Hi,
    Recently I have lost about 100k throuh a pricing error in my shop system. I spoke to the person involved and they refused to comply, they're not in the wrong but I hoped the decent human being would be a little kinder.

    Anyway, I saw all this happening via my phone and it was painfull to watch knowing I couldn't do anything. Well how hard would it be to have a feature that lets you enable/disable shops via the website? I think it would just be a nice touch. :)

    Let me know what you think,
  2. Im sorry you lost the 100k! :eek: but good idea
  3. I think it would be easier for them to make it so that you could remove everyones move perms on a res.
  4. that would work too
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  5. Hopefully you still have plenty of money to run your shop... Kinda lame that they were not willing to give the money back or at least meet you part way after you explained the issue. Kudos for not posting a name though, must have been tempting.
  6. Feel free to message me about this pricing error mixup. I'll look into it and get things straightened out.
  7. /r pay Daffy22 1000000

    Woops, one 0 too much.... :p
  8. I don't get it.
    Am I supposed to visit your mega mall?
    You should at least say to go there.
  9. Once the new shop system is in place this wont be too hard to do...

    However, we will also be giving you more control on how much stock you will buy from others so it will help prevent things like this from happening in the first place.
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  10. I said recently but it was a while ago, I've recovered okay - just got alot of sticky pistons on my hands :p

    @Aikar I'm excited for this new update now, more so than the dragon update :)
  11. O.O Lucky you, I never have enough!:p
  12. That is my signature, and yes, you are supposed to...