ability to set countries in the wasteland

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Buildershed, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. I know it might not sound vanilla but I'm sure the server can make something where players can create countries on the wastelands and frontier where you,citizens,and visitors can play in but it will start out small as a 50 block square and cost 100 rupees to expand another 50 blocks,also it would be a great way to earn rupees as well because players can buy land from other countries. A good idea for this is to also have leaders give permissions to use commands like gamemode but exiting the country with gamemode 1 will put you back on gamemode 0. this feature should be able for everyone to use even non-supporters but the only thing that supporters would only get that non-supporters wouldn't would be to purchase land for 50 rupees and expanding another 100 blocks for 50 rupees.
  2. There's already ideas to allow area to be claimed in the wild. It's going to be a different system to what you're suggesting, but it'll be implemented in the Empires/Land Claiming updates that will eventually come to the Empire. The idea will be to allow claiming of outposts (which you can already register in the wilderness section) in the wild, but it will not be coming to the wasteland because the wastelands are periodically reset.