Abandoned Mineshaft

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  1. I have recently found an abandoned mineshaft going to the east of spawn in SMP2 wilderness. I have walked through it and havent found any chests BUT there is still plenty of resources on the walls so it tells me no one has been through it besides me. I found it when i was out of pickaxes and left without doing much. Feel free to find it! I didnt find any cave spider spawners (dont know if there are any in multiplayer). There is still plenty of planks and fences. I took maybe 8 of the torches but there are still enough. I would say its close to 1000 spaces east. Maybe more. But its a good distance from spawn. If you see a tree with a sign on it and sort of a labyrinth if you continue down the stairs, it means your on the right path it shouldnt be too much farther. The entrance to the Mineshaft is my own mine (2 wide if my memory is correct) there should be torches going down my mine unless someone has already greifted it.

    BTW if this is in the wrong section please tell me where it should be. Im new here and am still figuring things out. Thanks!
  2. I went east, and I found a big hole.
  3. Care to ellaborate? I know someone did a strip mine earlier and it went pretty much down to bedrock. I almost fell in it if thats what your talking about.
  4. Yes. there was just a big hole there. I almost fell down :eek:
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  5. I think i have found that mineshaft once
    EDIT: no i forgot it was in smp4
  6. That means your going the right way. :D
  7. Its quite possible. I couldnt find any chests. But i only searched for 5 minutes.
  8. I did walk on, only found a bit of a bumby landscape. I also mined a bit, found a fence...
  9. I didnt pay too much attention going out to it so sorry i cant be anymore of help. :/
  10. I think the fence was part of it. I will look further soon.
  11. There are loads of mine shafts in Minecraft just mine under the sea (Big water patches) and there is ALLWAYS one for me and I usually come back with 2-3 stacks of coal and iron :)
  12. i was going to go east.
    but i took an arrow to the knee. :D

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  13. Skyrim jokes even invade Minecraft Forums! Noooooo! XD
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  14. Where is the Dislike button >:[
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  15. I'll check it out! :)
  16. I just had to.
    :)im sorry for any suicides i may of coursed.
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  17. Why thank you. I always had a sense of awesomeness. haha. Glad someone found it. It was no more use for me. and would of caused more frustration than anything.
  18. I just killed a pack of chickens because of you! Their families will never forgive me
  19. I am so sorry let me give you a mc hug and some blue raisens for the chickens families.

  20. mate just look out for me.......... i am awesome for one reason...... i am the only person i know in real-life who can find a cave spider spawner in 3 minutes don't know about the peeps on empireminecraft........