Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Liasen, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Hi, I am so angry right now that I think Im gonna blow up or something.
    I was in the EMC Store at smp1 and I was looking at the music discs. Then I wanted to count them so I left clicked on two of the signs and then I realized that I bought them!
    I have never been this angry in my whole Minecraft life:(
    So now I lost 1000 rupees on something that I didn't want!
    I'm so angry...
  2. un...lucky mate
  3. Its just a 1000 rupees.
  4. Yeah, but 1000 rupees is pretty much for me!
  5. Sorry for yelling, but I'm pretty angry....
    I apoligize;)
  6. By the way....
    Does anyone know if you can get your money back if you accidently bought something from the EMC store?
  7. I also accidentaly bought a water buket for 250r
  8. ok
    Un lucky you, (just like me.....)
  9. Wait a minute... You wanted to count them? Isn't only 2 records being sold at the store?
  10. No ther r a lot mor
  11. No, but I realized that I bought them after I clicked only 2 times, but I am still 1000 rupees poorer:(
  12. By the way...
    I see that you are from Denmark, I am from Sweden:)
  13. Yeah I am, and in case you didn't notice I just sent you 1000r! :)
  14. No, I meant legacy
  16. Yay!!!
    Thanks Legacy:)
    I will set up a chest at 1039 smp1 for you so you can take the discs:)
  17. You may keep the discs as yet another gift! :)
  18. No, take them you I have already set up a chest at 1039 for ya;)