A350 - First Flight

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  1. So, if you're an engineering or aviation nerd like me this is probably one of the biggest events to come in the next few years. It's the first flight of the A350, the newest plane by Airbus. It's over 50% composites. So yeah, first flight is happening in under two hours.

    This is the live stream on you tube which will start one hour before the actual flight. If the video doesn't work, just go to this link.
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  2. I am a huge aviation expert. But im not huge on Airbus. I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. So im a huge Boeing person. They are both a good company, but im just used to Boeing more.

    My uncle got a job a Boeing over a year ago. He sends me new info about thats new and stuff from Boeing. They pay is more of what you would expect.
    Every few years they allow a Huge tour of the entire factory, im going to see my uncle this august. He is taking me on this tour also. Im very excited.

    When you look at the new A350. Its going to take a while to work out the bugs and issues with the aircraft, Before they will release it to the general public. I hope it makes a great flight, lets hope nothing bad happens.
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  3. Just took off :D
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  4. 4:03am ( Both landing gears are off the ground ) EST. The A350 first Flight! :D
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  5. It's flying now! :D Looks amazing in flight!
  6. My father was in the USAF for twenty years, so I've developed a certain affection for aircraft and love flying. We still get magazines monthly, but they're mostly articles about how this or that new fighter is under testing, what the latest satellite will do for military superiority, that kind of thing. Point being, I'm unclear why the A350 is important or what makes this flight such a special event.

    Could you perhaps elaborate a bit on why the A350 is a big deal?
  7. Its a big deal for the commercial industry. Since this is the first kind of this plane ever built. They must go though stuff like this to test to make it safe for passengers, Same with USAF fighter jets and such.

    When they come out with a new fighter jet. They test for defects and what can be changed for easier or better moves. Its all varys on what part of aviation people are into.
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  8. This is also a big deal because there will not be an event like this for at least another 6 or so years.
  9. I don't mean to sound condescending at all, so forgive me if I come across that way. I'm not sure I phrased myself correctly, but what I mean is, "why is the A350's flight an 'event'?" Flight-testing of aircraft in development happens frequently, to my knowledge. What is it about the A350 that marks it as special, revolutionary, or otherwise worthy of great significance? What features set it apart from other aircraft that mark it as "the first of its kind," as Inuyasha states? The use of composite materials in a commercial aircraft? (I was under the impression Boeing beat them to the punch on that one with the 787 line?)

    Hoping for an explanation for those of us not as well-versed in the commercial aviation industry I suppose.
  10. Well, yes, Boeing did come out with composites first. But anyway, it's just really fun when an aircraft first flies. But, it's also when thousands of hours of work over almost 10 years proves it's self and flies. It's a proud moment for the manufacturer who only produce a new aircraft ever 5+ years. Also, the A350 is the first proper competitor to Boeings 777 aircraft, one of the best aircraft selling ever.
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  11. I would rather add it ask they competing with the 787. if you look at both aircraft. They look alike in the body design. Both are made from composites. I think the A350 is competing with the 787 dream-liner.
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  12. Awesome!, the wings for the A350 and all most all airbus planes are made about 15 minutes down the road from me in Broughton, they are a major employer in my area and I know loads of people who work for them including my uncle (he does office work though :p) so they are a very well liked and a recognized company in my area :) We often see the 'beluga' flying over :p
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  13. It's competing with both. But the A350 is larger and is designed to replace the A340 which the 777 was meant to compete against(not much competition actually happened). S the A350 is also competing against 777. The smaller A350-800 is meant to compete with the 787-9.