A year already?

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  1. A year since tokens have been release, how many tokens do you have?
    What was your first token kill?
  2. I quit EMC for around 4 months right after tokens came out, and I don't go into the wild, so I only have 25,000 tokens.

    The first tokens I got was 10 tokens for voting at minecraftservers.org
  3. I have 13k tokens. My first kill was an enraged zombie.
  4. Enraged Zombie then nether hound... I went into the nether within an hour of being on emc... jesuspower2 saved me lol.

    19k been playing since February.

    Edit: January apparently. Where has time gone?
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  5. Seems like you always need saving in the nether :p
  6. You could pretty much classify me as a high roller...
    Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 5.43.30 AM.png
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  7. 204 tokens, ya know, cause I'm like soooonot rich
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  8. My first kill was an Enraged Zombie, and my second kill was a Momentus... if only I could remove the zombie from the list. Momentus as a first kill would be so much more legendary. :p
  9. You've failed all of us :(
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  10. Most of my tokens come from voting and at FNM.

    I have 14.5k now, but I did buy an avalaucher. :p
  11. I currently have 26.6k tokens and my first token kill was an enraged skeleton. I would have more if I didn't buy 2 avalaunchers :p