A work in Progress

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  1. Just working on something that I will eventually work on...
    It's like 'workinprogressception' or something.

    It is 60x60 and it is going on my smp3 lot.. Eventually.
  2. there is so much happening in that i can barely concentrate on it.
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  3. It will look better when I have the glass finished and the Bastions finished.. Just saying.
  4. i actually had to look at your hotbar to figure out what the some of the things were i was like.. how did he get that? and ... is that even a block?
  5. Double Slabs and furnaces, all the way.
  6. ah... a furnace... i am unknown to your texture pack and that was the one that was getting me
  7. I'll add a screenshot of Default MC then.
  8. Looks crazy

    haha get it XD That was punny hahaha
  9. it wont look as good tho, because the top of furnace in vanilla is all... plain O.0
  10. I almost felt like this was on the Moderator Forum, with all the green going around..
    ...This house will be expensive. Good thing I have 475 Diamonds...
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  11. yeah... alot of green definitely


    lolz "looks crazy"

    cuz your name is crazy.

  12. He is a genius.
  13. i try as hard as possible to contain it. it just seeps out sometimes. ^.^
  14. Haha XD Thanks guys :D
  15. I have defeated you, MR2R2M.
  16. Gud one XD
  17. Like my new sig?

    Thanks for the idea Ismooch
  18. Now we must popularize it.
    'I used to write in gray text, before I took an arrow to the knee.'
  19. i dont just want to take it tho.. seems so... dirty.
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