A work In Progress Log Of a Song I am working on :)

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  1. So, I was working on some music today. And I thought I would upload my progress as I made sound tests. Which is where I export the song to see how it is sounding on other devices (because I care so much that people that are not using the same equipment/headphones/speakers as me get the same feel I do while making it). I have never done this before, aside from some collaboration work with TonicThunder, I very rarely upload anything I do not have finished. So While doing this I thought it would be cool to post a sort of Log here for you guys. Because the majority of my SoundCloud followers (majority=all) are EMC members. So to pay back the respect, I will deliver :).

    Step 1 - The idea.

    Sadly, this is the only part I could not really upload. As it is not really anything outside of my head at this point. This particiular Song was actually a joke, from something JackBiggin Said in chat on SMP9 once. About dropping his phone in cake batter or something. And I said, 'Cake Phone would be a cool title for a song'. So yet even another step out of line, I rarely enter a piece with the name already decided. So it was more of getting me in the mood to make a song then just throwing that name on it. I guess you could say an extended ringtone on a 'Cake Phone' could sound like this.

    After that point, I just sat around for a day humming things to myself, until I thought of something good. When I finally had a sequence of sounds I enjoyed, I went over to my piano and played the individual keys until I was happy with a basic 'Melody'. Then, I started to place the respective keys into their fitting chords and harmonies that would sound well. Mainly for reference for accompaniment I might have.

    Step 2 - Basic Layout

    Before I test anything, I always throw all my notes and melodies into my music program. See how they sound together. I usually use a piano sound as that is what sounded good when I heard them. After I am happy with adjusting note lengths and things, I choose an instrument that makes the melody stand out. Then I had a nice little back beat, a bass line, on some other good things that all songs should have. At which point, I export to here how it 'sounds so far' and that piece is right here.


    Step 3 -Defining Sections of the song.

    As I already have some things 'Like the Hi-Hat changing Speed' that tell me where I want the sections of the song to change, the melody of the song does not follow this so much. So I make some changes to the original melody, and create what I like to call a 'Chorus/Verse Separation'. In this version I also made some modifications to some early level adjustments/bass boosting and some other things.


    Step 4 - Adding a 'Breakdown'

    So no good song is really complete without some kind of breakdown. This is surprisingly harder than it would sound. I had to find an instrument that could 'Carry' the melody and fit with the environment/stage I had set for the song. All the while it has to aptly bring the song 'down' and make you listen closer. I usually use this time to show off what I have for the back beat. The seldom heard but essential Kick and Snare, that the song would sound so off without, normally just 'blend' to much. So I let them shine here :).


    That is all I have for now. but this has only been a couple hours of work. And plan to continue to add some more :).
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  2. Looking good!
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  3. THIS IS EPICNESS! You are a great composer ismooch! I love the piano in fighting back too.
  4. You really are great with music! Nice work!
  5. Sounds really good! Great job
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