A wild Raenis has appeared!

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  1. Well, maybe not so wild, but that's neither here nor there.

    I've only been with the Empire for a little while (I've been playing MC for much longer, though!), but I already very much enjoy the community. Overall the players and staff are pretty friendly, and all the features the admins have added in are great. I do see myself sticking around here for quite some time.

    I've taken up residence on SMP5, lot 10387, where the house as it is currently built resembles a mural of space invader sprites... at least to me. I look forward to contributing to and interacting more fully with the community as time goes on, and having a fantastic time while I'm at it.

    Thanks for providing such a great place.
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  2. Hey, welcome to EMC. Hope you enjoy your time spent with us! :)
  3. Welcome To The Empire hope you have a look round SMP2's 4373 :)

    Edit: also Res 3660 or is it 3990 :/ well one of them is really good :)
  4. Welcome, how did you find us ?
  5. I know your not talking to me but I found this server when I was searching the web and Google found you (I put in Google "Non PvP friendly SMP server"
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  6. A Like from Justin :eek:
  7. I was just randomly searching for MC servers, carefully reading reviews and whatnot, and this place seemed like a really good fit. And here we are. :D