A what to expect from Brick Thread 2014

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by brickstrike, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. So, this thread is mostly a what I plan to do this new year, in terms of events, builds, and economics.
    I plan to do the following:
    • Create More Community Involvement
    • Get 202 up and running
    • Complete the 4 Elements Towers
    • Create a Wool and Dye shop dubbed the Rainbow Factory.
    • Make a Horse Ranch and Donkey Sanctuary + Shop.
    • Build the Ziggurat.
    • Bug Dinnerbone daily with pictures telling him to add moar bricks.
    • Build the Auction House
    • Start with mba2012 the next big thing.
    • Build the Haunted Mansion
    • Something very flashy.
    • A sandy situation \><\
    • The mushroom forest
    • Parkour?

    Though this list looks short, it is a lot of work. So hopefully I complete my goals for 2014, but only time can tell :p
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  2. All the best :) If you need any help just shoot me a PM