A weird little glitch I've found.

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  1. I don't know if anyone else has had this issue, and i don't know if it is just because of the latest update because I've never experienced it before. But i figured, if by some chance the community is not yet aware of this I should post it. 2012-03-05_19.02.57.png
    For some reason the trees that i planted (only the oak) replaced some of the materials, glass and wood, that i built my shop with. Anyway, i figure that if people are not yet aware of this they really should be in case someone accidently did this and it affected something more valuable, like a block of diamond.

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  2. This is a known issue, tree leaves can replace pretty much any materials when they grow. I'm not sure if there is much Justin can do to program it out, but i believe for the small amount of disruption they cause we can learn to live with it. :)
  3. :eek: my glowstone tree farm!!
    :( and im on mobile outside.
  4. Does it effect glowstone and stonebrick?
  5. Unless it's a new glitch, I don't think it replaces glowstone... either that, or I've been really lucky with my tree farm this whole time. I have 100 trees in my basement which are capped to grow only 9 blocks high, so they don't get big branches. Each tree is capped with a glowstone block, and I've never seen any of them get replaced with leaves. :)
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  6. Tree leaves will replace adjacent transparent blocks, since the leaves will never go above the cap (they are limited by it) they cannot replace the glowstone. :)
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  7. This is weird. This guy got his wooden plank replaced. And i got glow in the tree farm wall to the side. And the top as well
  8. Not cool... maybe it IS a new glitch... I'll have to check my tree farm when I get off work later tonight.