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  1. Hey everyone, as you can see from my name over there, it's TheCrafter10. I haven't really been on EMC much, but I've been on minecraft enough to really know the ways to get items efficiently. I've noticed in my times here, that a lot of people go into the chat asking things such as "can someone give me rupees" or, "can someone get me some sandstone" etc. I saw an amazing thread by Aikar
    that goes into a lot of detail about ways to get rupees, I would like to help even more firsthand.

    METHOD 1 Generators
    I have what I consider to be, a decent ability at creating all kinds of (legal) generators.
    I will be building people free generators of the following types
    • Stone
    • Cobblestone
    • Obsidian (Requires Redstone Input)
    If you would like a generator or a farm built, simply ask me on this thread :]

    How does this create rupees? You can generate and mine quite a bit of material, and sell it.
    Method 2 Farm Creation

    I don't really think it takes much to make a farm, but having someone build it for you can be the difference between you succeeding and asking others for success.

    I will design farms of the following types, obviously free again

    • Melon/Pumpkin
    • Wheat
    • Sugarcane
    • Tree
    Please note that these will not be automatic unless you supply materials, as I do not have anything to give at the moment besides my time

    How does this get you rupees? Same as generators, farm a lot and sell a lot, profit :D

    Method 3 Mining trips

    If I can get enough people to join along, and we can all promise to get along, I will help take out a group of people into the wild, and give a few mining techniques I've picked up. I can assume this would inspire you to mine, and thus get materials. If this gets set up, I'd head out every week on a day decided on by whoever may be joining us at the time.

    How does this get rupees? Same as the first two, doesn't GIVE rupees directly but mining gets materials, which can be sold for a profit.

    Method 4 General Help

    This is going to be the one I really enjoy, because helping people through words is something that I find a bit easier to do :)
    I can give general minecraft advice, or consult anything and everything EMC for your needs.

    How does this create rupees? Not sure, I guess if you need help on a certain aspect you can play more effectively? Haha, this is more of my way of helping while I'm already doing so.

    Questions? Comments? Hatred? I'd love it if you could all respond to this.

    I will be adding pictures of the generators and farms as I actually create them, as I know how to build them, you can see a stone generator on my residence, which can easily become cobble, and obsidian is simple as well.

    I will be helping anyone, not just new members that need a bit of help, because even the best of us may require assistance every once and a while... That's why I'm hoping I can be that help.
  2. I will be your helper if i have time
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  3. Awesome! :D Mining trips = r
  4. Uh, was this sarcasm? I kind of meant that if we all got mining together that we would have materials, and thus things to sell. I guess a more appropriate title for this thread would be items/rupees, not just rupees
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  5. The best way i have found to make money is like you said, Build a sugar cane farm. You can sell a DC of it for 1-3k and thats on the low side.
  6. I like where your going with this. Server to server advertisement may be a better way to go. Only a small fraction of the community frequents the forums. I'll try to help by word of mouth. Wild mining with a noob can be as funny as it is frustrating.
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  7. No, it was not sarcasm. You made a good point.
  8. I never give rupees to people on the servers, instead I suggest ways to earn rupees themselves as well as warning them to not ask for donations. In my opinion is keeps the servers clean and teaches everyone :) I'll be sure to link this thread :D Great job
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  9. Thanks for posting :)
  10. i am the same as alex i too dont give ruppes much to those who beg. i thus try to suggest ways they can easily earn their ruppes. i just recently helped a player by suggesting to him to start a small tree/food farm on his res. make a small shop and then sell those items. lots of nice starter items to sell made from wood/food farms. then told him as he got more ruppes, put half into restocking his shop, the other half of his ruppes into upgrading his shop to make it abit bigger alittle at a time. thats how i started out and have grown into a massive shop on smp9. i dont have workers so most of the work involved is all done souly by me :)
  11. Grinding... best form of earning rupees. Doing orders, well stocked shop or even making exp bottles from huge sugar can farms.
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