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  1. So, I noticed REMOVED NAME signed up for EMC. I know him, from a long time ago. He joined my server, and he seemed all nice at first...for 5 minutes. Then he started to request for staff member status (which it appears he has brought to EMC from his profile posts), and then he started picking on other members.

    He then killed multiple members by getting around the flint & steel blockage and lighting players on fire. Then he started to be racist, and then I banned him..
    There's also a video of him on youtube.
    Also, google him to see his bans. He spams his own server's IP alot.

    Just a warning to the EMC staff, he can get out of hand.
  2. Checked his ban records on:
    And came up clean
    Although I found some PvP Servers showing him advertising (Im not giving links just google it)
  3. same as REMOVED NAME he griefed massively on a tekkit server i play on with some other EMC members.
  4. Good to know.
  5. Yeah, the server i'm admin on doesn't have any of those...
  6. Please don't post negative comments about players in public. If you know of a member who has done wrong on EMC, you may report him via our usual ways. We can't confirm the word of anyone on another player unless we know/see it happen here. Thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.