A Utopia Res and Nothing to Make

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  1. I'm going to be simple, I need ideas. I have my Utopia res, completely empty, nothing on it.
    I have a plan, but I'd like to wrap it around another build. So, ideas please?
  2. 5267 Check it out you could maybe take something (an idea) from my res :)
  3. Make a stone gen
    Make a wheat farm
    Make farmz
    Make Ice farmz
    Make something
    Gimme build and use
    Yay! :p
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  4. A giant monument of me
  5. Build an upside down world. Make it look like gravity has been reversed on your res.......if you've seen The Dropper adventure map, do something like that.
  6. a Phoenix Wright Amusement park!
  7. make a MASSIVE cow
  8. A potato farm.
    A full potato farm.
    I'm talking the entire res.
    Down to the bedrock.
    Up to the sky.

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  10. Make a toaster with toast in it and a giant piece of floating butter waiting to over the toast in itself.
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  11. Gigantic Teaparty.