A tweak to the NamedTP system

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  1. Hello again Empire! It's rburke5786 from smp5.

    I have another suggestion for the empire. I think we're all aware of the namedtp system. You'd choose a place to teleport too and name it. On teleport signs you'd type on the second line "[residence #]@[tp name]".

    I'm sure a lot of us have moved builds or redesigned existing buildings. Many of us have used this system quite a bit including supporters. Supporters get to create many new tp locations, up to 100 if you're a diamond supporter (not sure if that's changed). However when our supporter expires, we can only get to rename the tp location or delete that location. We don't get to create new ones which is fine, but what about being able to relocate a existing location?

    Suggested Commands:
    Create new tp location: "/res loc set [new tp location name]" (the existing command).
    Updating existing locations: "/res loc move [existing tp location name]"
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  2. It looks good in theory, but I see one major flaw: once a player has diamond supporter, they'll be able to have 100 res locations even if their supportership expires.

    For example: a diamond member could set 100 residence locations randomly, so they get the max. Once they downgrade, they'll still have all 100.
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  3. This has been suggested before and denied. If you are over your allowed limit (because you no longer have supporter) then you are not allowed to 'relocate' one of the tp's as that requires removing the old and creating the new. It is much like the residences. If you get supporter your extra residences are not removed after your term but you are not allowed to 'move' one of them.

    This is by design. The extra tp's are a supporter perk and so you need to have a supportship to do as you are suggesting.