A True Mega Mall Building Log

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  1. So I figure I am embarking on a big build so why don't i go a weekly log of the progress which i have made and get the community to help to shape some of the parts of the building.

    This will probably have a lot of images depending on how much progress I make each week.

    So this is how it is going to work I will post a screenshot of what I have done over the week and then ask the marvelous community of what they think and get you all to post your suggestions on what i should do.

    Here is what I have done over the first few weeks of the build:
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  2. Looks great! Two residences huh? Go big or go home I suppose :p
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  3. The mall is looking good! :D
  4. Thanks guys and yes cddm that is why it is a true mega mall
  5. Ok, here is an update for you all, this is what half of the front is going to look like:


    Let me know what you all think and if you have any ideas on what to do in any blank areas, if you do have an idea then post a screenshot of it.
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  6. Looks nice, man. On what server are you building this?
  7. Smp2 at 3080 and 3079
  8. Looks great Jackson, I'll come and check it out next time I'm on smp1.
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  9. Its on smp 2 as I have just previously said :) at the moment there is not much to see I just need a design for the other sides...
  10. And actually come to think of it is is go home or /home 2 as that is on of the ress it is on XD
  11. Oh, ok.
    I get confused with the cut offs for anything below smp4.
    I'll visit now actually.
  12. It's really good looking, especially with the red hardened clay instead of wool. It's a nice change to most mega malls.
  13. Yeh the idea for the actual shop floor is go use hardened clay instead of wool infact there is going to be very little if not no wool in this build for two reasons one being it is flamable and also because I think the clay last oks much better
  14. It looks it it's going to cause some older computers to melt.

    Otherwise it's nice
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  15. What do you mean?
  16. Some mega malls (especially ones with massive amounts of beacons and item frames) cause crazy fps drops, which I think honam was referencing. If you can survive the blue ribbon, I think you can survive this. :)

    Also, very nice build, can't wait to see the end result of this! :D
  17. Yeh I know the feeling of massive frame drops but as for the waiting till its finished I can't wait either :).
  18. When I visit 413 on my desktop the framerate drops to ~66 FPS from 120+ FPS.

    I can't imagine what would happen on a slower laptop
  19. I shouldn't think so because 413 is a large open space where as mine would not be as big but still 66 fps is still good so in my opinion it is fine.