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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by joshyrocks13, Oct 11, 2014.

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Today I wanted to make a proposition, I would like to trade all my EMC Rupees (337k) and all my EMC Promos (Listed Below) for Fifa Coins (You do not need Fifa to do the trade). I value my promos at around 3 million, maybe more, so thats 3.3 million. Normally that would cost you $180 dollars. But I am willing to trade $180 dollars worth of EMC items and rupees for $38 worth of fifa 15 coins on Easyfut.com. Please remember you do not need a Fifa account to do this, also please remember that I am not asking for $38 IRL money. If you are interested please PM me on this site!

    4x Ore Busters
    2x Flaming Mob Launchers
    1x EMC 2013 Gift Sell To SMP9 /shop
    1x EMC 2013 Gift
    2x EMC New Years 2012 Special Firework
    2x Everlasting Axestoppers
    1x Turfinator
    1x Bullet Proof Vest
    1x Cactus Pants
    2x Big Daddy Helmet
    2x Feather Falllling Boots
    2x Holiday Pic
    1x Unspawned Incitatus
    2x Unspawned Rudolph
    5x Netherhound Eggs
    15x Lucky Bows
    10x Dragon Poop
    1x Independence 2013 Day Firework
    1x Empire Firework (4th Of July)
    3x Haunted Heads
    2x Turkey Slicers
    1x Labor Bench
    1x New Years 2013 Firework
    2x Cupid Bows
    2x Magical Eggcelent Wands
    2x Max Heads
    1x Freedom Blade
    1x 2014 Independence Day Firework
    1x ICC Flesh
    1x ICC Skin
    1x Independence Helmet
    1x Independence Chest
    1x Independence Leggings
    1x Independence Boots
  2. I'm confused. Are you asking for people to give you "Fifa coins" for the items listed?

    Also, could I just purchase a dragon poop? .-.
  3. What are EMC coins
  4. Okay just to clarify this is how it would work:
    1. You go on to easyfut.com
    2. You purchase $38 worth of Fifa 15 Coins (Fifa 15 Currency)
    3. It will then ask you to list a player for 300k buy now.
    4. I will list a player for 300k and then the website will buy my player.
    5. I will then give you every single item listed above plus rupees.
  5. So basically, you are trying to get around the Real Money Trading rule by saying that you aren't buying real money, just another fake currency that is only obtainable via real money.

    Seems similar to not swearing, and just putting *'s in place of letters.
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  6. Well then I guess this post failed :p Didn't know that rule :) I'll get the thread closed immediately
  7. It might be technically legal, but I am not sure. Can people get them without paying?
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