A town square? suggested idea

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  1. I believe EMC should have a server market place. why? well you have to advertise for people to come to your res and at a town square/market place people would walk right next to your shop. plus it could boost the economy of servers. How? well it could be a huge source of revenue. How it works, each player gets 5 shops for their items donators get more shops. The town square/market requires to rent a spot for lets say... hmmm 2 days and it could have its own local chat. It could also have a rule board and special rules. Thanks for reading this i hope you "like" my account and reply with your opinion, lolol33 out

  2. I believe a sorta community message board is in the works. This would be a place to post ads and what not. Tho a specific area would be kinda nice. Going easily shop to shop. But how we rent out spots would have to be thought out well.
  3. yes it would hey show other people this idea please
  4. I like this a lot, especially the idea of having a town square. I really miss the old bulletin board we used to have at the spawn.
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  5. I agree with Fyn on that one =p I'd love a market place/town square!
  6. Great! just show people this thread and maybe We might get a town square/marketplace!
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  7. People! Read and give your opinion! JustinGuy/GameKribJEREMY what about a Town Square designing contest! How about that :D

    That should be awesome
  8. Well, theres the Graveyard on smp1, the park on smp2, I think it would be a great idea to put this on smp3 :)
    There are bulletin board in the town store, but they are not up and running as of yet, I believe Justin would say, and I quote:
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  9. LETS keep this idea alive!!
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  10. It shouldn't just be on one server but all of them
  11. i say this is one of the best idesa ever
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  12. I think there are similiar on smp7 res 14008 :D

    ( I have a stone shop there. :D )
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  13. Why thank you, Btw i see your a Top Gear fan WAY TO GO!
  14. Yes but that is only on smp7 and I am a smp3 player.
  15. Which you need to restock!

    The Arabian Marketplace at 14008 on SMP7 will hopefully fulfill this purpose once it's finished.

    I'm currently building a Tavern to act as a central meeting area with room rental and storage rental. I want to have somewhere for people to come and stand around in if they want to chat and relax.

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  16. This is a pretty decent idea, I'd like to see it come into action :)
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  17. Keep this idea ALIVE!
  18. I only ever tried one other MC server. It had a silly name, like "Server of Doom," or something similar. About 4,000 empty slots on it, never more than 5 players on, and horrendous lag.

    In any case, I did like their "town square" setup. It was simple and easy. Each player got a 10x10 (approx.) sized 'lot' on a straight street. They could sell and build whatever they wanted, inside that small space. There were quite a few creative structures, and some great advertising. I wouldn't mind a dedicated server for a town. Like, town.empireminecraft.com, with 1,000's of tiny shops. Also, we could probably put things like the park, graveyard, pool, etc onto it.