A totally random cover of Let it Go by Disney and Pixar character voices

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  1. he kinda only hit cogsworth, pooh, and pumba right.... scuttle is the easiest one but he messed up there :/
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  2. him doing scar almost sounded like tigger ... him doing mike wazowski - sounded like tamon. if he wasn't trying to make his voices sound more exaggerated and operatic than it should be, he might hit the character's voices easier - and more correctly :p

    Was still entertaining to watch :)
  3. Well I loved it.
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  4. I have had this song stuck in my head for the past two weeks, and have only recently been able to get it out.
    Thanks. -_-
  5. lol, your welcome.. :p ..I could always send you my Let it Go playlist.. xD
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  6. NO
    sure, why not
  7. Even if he didn't nail the voices this guy is really talented :p
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  8. that was hilarious
  9. I have been watching Disney movies for years and the people that say he missed were WRONG! He hit almost every voice dead on and did so marvelously. Thank you for posting this so i can see this gem!
  10. That was pretty awesome
  11. OMG I saw the Pete voice thru the end at school, because my friend was watching it before school..... she said it was like the 20th time she had seen it, in 2 days. This is amazing!
  12. You still need to send this to me...