A thought on future EMC events

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  1. I've just been reading some threads on EMC changes/history, and problems with longtime players leaving. For some reason, I recall the days many.. many years ago when I played NWN (NeverWinter Nights), the original, online. (Not the crappy modern interpretation). Like Minecraft, we, the players created the world, created everything, and ran the server.

    I helped (in small part) to build and run the biggest server at the time. And one very popular series of events were my world altering massive battles. (Sadly, not every players computer could handle the lag). These were NOT PVP, but rather 'factions' of mobs vs players. Depending on how that days event went (And I do mean 'day', as they sometimes lasted 12hrs), the players would guide how the story went, and would impact how the next event would take place. Think lord of the rings. Evil orcs/goblins expelled from mountain holes by some major boss, start raiding elves/humans/dwarves. Good guys rally and fight back, hunt them down, solve the mystery. But maybe the evil player chars thought to take advantage of this and take control of orc/goblin/ogre armies for their own ends. Good vs evil. And eventually, someone is gonna have to fight a boss... Will they prevail? Or will they perish, and the forces of evil grow even stronger... Will the good players regroup and try again?

    Anyway... dunno why i suddenly thought of that. But perhaps EMC can make a story of these 'events'. Might be interesting.

    Obviously, we'd have limited mobs to use, and we do not currently have a wide range of mobs that would fight each other, or a way to make mobs hostile to some players and not others, etc. But the key idea is the same:

    Starting Event: Forum, and in-game messages telling players to claim a promo map or book. In that book or map the player is guided to find a location. At that location will be a temple/alter/buried treasure containing a date and time that something 'momentus' is going to happen. The player is encouraged to be there, to witness or participate.

    Event 2: Players arrive to strange happenings. The Earth is rumbling, something is coming. Monsters are appearing in broad daylight, burning in the sun. The sky turns dark in the middle of the day, and more and more monsters are appearing. Something 'Momentus' has come, and more than one. A single beam of light erupts from the alter/temple, the players feel blessed with great fighting ability. Iron and Snow golems appear and fight the Hoards. Some players side with the light and fight the monsters. Some players aren't so picky (or have other motives), and choose to help the monsters (though the monsters don't know that and fight everything).

    - Maybe the players beat back the monsters.and drive the hoard away
    - Or maybe the monsters overthrow players and destroy the Beacon of Light.
    Either way.. the story will continue.. What is the source of the light? What brought that hoard? Why did the sky turn dark in midday? If the players drove back the hoard, they may discover more about the mysterious invite that brought them to the beacon of light? If the hoard destroyed the light, where do they attack next? What evil has come? And will the players fighting the monsters recover and try again?
    (The players could have some input on what the next move might be)

    Event 3: Well... that depends doesn't it?

    OK, I could write a novel, but that might ruin the suprise.