A Suggestion for Wilderness and Nether

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by PrimeEchoes, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I recently went out into the wilderness and traveled a long way. I wanted to get back, could not find out where the spawn was, so I just killed myself. I really think that you should be able to teleport back into wilderness/nether spawns if you've ventured a long way, because you have to go extremely far to find land that hasn't been mined out, and its hard getting back.
  2. You can use the live map here on the site. It helps quite a bit when you're lost :). Also, the reason you can't teleport from the wild/nether is because it would become way to easy to get items and would also make the game less of a survival mode and more like a creative mode.
  3. I dont like this idea but if they did add this to emc it would probably cost 2k+ to teleport
  4. I forgot about Rei's minimap. I have it, but i completely forgot about waypoints, so I'll use those instead of blindly trying to find my way back.
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