A suggestion for a new anti-grief feature on EMC?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Joshyy, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Now this is about flint and steelers and lava, We all know them, Those horrible people on the wilderness who go set you on fire and burn you with lava. Now my suggestion is, A plugin or change to the game, I hope this is possible.

    Here's how it works if I were to set down lava, if within 30/60/90/300? seconds someone touched that lava and took damage/died then on the square it would flash up

    Lava/fire placed by Joshposh70 killed Joshposh70.

    Please tell me what you think and if this is actually possible?
  2. I know Square logs death location and time, I wonder if it would be possible for Square to log Lava Placing and Fire Placing as well? (Which is probably what you were getting at)
  3. I don't think the square logs death places, I think it only logs how and when you died

    I.E Joshposh70 tried to swim in lava
  4. It's more like
  5. This would be great actually it would stop MC Players following you with bad intentions. when I say Payer I mean pedo xD
  6. I'll have to verify that with a moderator Crazy.
  7. So the way this would work, I assume...

    I was a Moderator, I have used Square. ;)
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  8. Yes, and if JustinGuy said it was on purpose and not by accident then they could take action,
  9. Hmm, Ok. Then Lava logging would make it alot easier.
  10. I know there are a few plugings the monitor lava placement and tnt placement aswell as bedrock but we only want lava :)
  11. Well, not like anybody's gonna be able to place bedrock on EMC anyways...
  12. No need to be rude with Crazy bro :p
    He was a moderator and he used the Square system (as he stated) so maybe he knows a bit more than you about Square and EMC log's.
  13. That's exactly right. Although I am a mod/op/admin on several other servers that I play on, I'm not going to say anything, because I don't know if Justin uses just normal Square or if he's messed with the code like I like to do. (What, I mess with the code on everything!)
  14. Uh, Justin invented Square. His Square is normal Square and the only Square in existence.
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  15. Square was codded by Justin, as far as i know.
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  16. WHOOPS! I'm thinking LogBlock... XD
  17. This seems to be a very popular idea, I'll see if I can get justins attention.
  18. Please do if you can!
  19. Though I figure this hasn't been added for a reason, probably resource related.
  20. Actually I think it would be easier (and cheaper server-wise) to prevent placing lava or making fire if there was another player within 5 blocks. Wouldn't hurt any of the regular uses but would make PKing much harder.

    foreach (entity : World.getEntitiesWithinAABBExcludingEntity(player, AxisAlignedBB...)) {
    if (entity instanceof player) event.setCancelled(true);

    Ok, that code is very rough and a bad mix of client and server modding method names. But the real code wouldn't look that much different or be that much longer.