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  1. I just thought of a story. Anyone who can make/animate this will be thanked a lot. Feel free to make the city look however you want it to look like. Also make the animation look like howver you want it to be.

    Year 2025
    Sgt. Ryuga_XI

    A minecart is moving along a peaceful city. Sgt. Ryuga_XI is in there. He's holding a diamond sword. On his back, there's a bow with arrows.He's wearing Chainmail armor. The minecart stops. Sgt. Ryuga_XI gets out. He scans the crowd. (He's in a marketplace.) Then suddenly, a explosion occurs from inside a big wooden building in the middle of the marketplace. Sgt. Ryuga_XI is blown back. He falls to the ground. He then sees a hoard of zombies coming for the villagers in the market place. He kills as many zombies as possibles.(Feel free on how to make it look like. I'll like it MW3 style.) Then, he gets pinned to the floor by a zombie. Then the zombie goes to bite him.(Try to make this scene as scary and dramatic as possible WITHOUT using slow-mo. Well, maybe a bit.) Then, the zombie drops dead with a arrow in its forehead.(Try to make the zombie corpse spew buckets of blood.) Sgt. Ryuga_XI pushes the zombie corpse off him to see reinforcements coming in, holding off a certain area.(Use like a war-ish scene for this part.) Sgt. Ryuga_XI gets into the held-off area, to see AC-130 shooting zombies by the millions. (The soldiers could be random people on EMC with bows, arrows, and Diamond Sword. Then the zombies retreat into a humongus hole where the marketplace center used to stand. Then a soldier walks up to Sgt. Ryuga_XI. He says: "Its not over." Then Sgt. Ryuga_XI is like: "What the heck do you mean?" Then he says: "You're going in there." Then end in with Sgt. Ryuga_XI with a shocked face, then suden black. Then you hear the word: Crap. Please tell me if you like the plot. I'll think of Part 2.
  2. Pardon my spelling and grammar mistakes.
  3. And the vagueness.
  4. Iz like dis storie sum1 maek itz plox :D
  5. Would take literally months to animate with a single person on the job.
  6. I figured.
  7. Then nfell2009 came a gave you a rainbow :) And killed the rest of the zombies using rainbows, and went into the far on a rainbow.