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  1. On my birthday (May 10th) this year, I got a tank. I got some sand the next day and filled the tank up with water, and then a few days later I got some plastic plants and a hide. I was overjoyed, strangely.

    And then began the hunt or the Axolotl. I went to a pet store, only to find they had a cannibalistic black wild-type with no leg. I wanted to help him, but my mum wouldn't let me. I wanted a leucistic.

    I tried to get one for about a week, until I ordered some spawn. I received it the next day. The day after that, you could see them wiggle about in their eggs, and the next day, they opened their eyes.
    It was on May 28th, at 4:20AM, I woke up and looked at the tank. I could see 4, small shadows. I knew what they belonged to, but just to make sure, I got up out of bed very quietly. I turned on the light...

    2 albinos, and another 2 unspecified colours. I was so happy. I went back to bed, and woke up again at 6:00AM because my dad woke me up. I immediately told him, and he looked in the tank. He walked out of my room and left for work.

    At 7:00AM my mum woke up and I told her. She took a picture, and watched them for ages. They were still in the place I seen them 3 hours ago.

    I came home from school, and seen 2 wiggle free out of their eggs. I was so happy. A few hours later, just before I had dinner, 3 more wiggled free, but one didn't look right. His tail appeared to be torn, and the rip had gone right up his chest.

    I didn't expect him to make it through the night, but he did. I came home from school 7 hours later, and watched his final moments play out right there. It was then I decided to flush him.

    They were all done hatching by 31st May. A week later, I had a mass death thing. 4 died, but I still had 19. And then 2 of them became sick. I put them in a sick bay, and one recovered, one died. I then had 18. Another few became sick, they died. I had 14, and one had dissapeared. I had 2, very big ones.

    1 big albino, and 1 big wild-type. I moved them into a seperate tank and put them on live bloodworm.

    And then I found an albino baby inside of the sick bay, with no water. I felt so guilty. I had gone on holiday the week before, and my dad was taking care of them for the 3 days I was gone. He put 3 ill ones in the sick bay, so it could have been him.

    The rest died off, until I was left with 2 tiny ones and the 2 big ones. It was now August and it was the month of my second holiday. They were all still alive, and we went out for some more food. The next day, the 2 small ones had been mauled by 2 disgusting little creatures that came with my food pack. I felt so angry.

    I was left with the 2 big ones, and they are the right size and are being fed frozen food. I'm going to try them on earthworms in a few weeks/months. They are funny, cute, and atleast they lived.

    Just trying out my story telling skills and seeing if EMC likes it. Also, if you wish to see Cocoa & sparky (the axolotls), just take a look at my profile picture.
  2. Videos! :D (Very small in the first one. Wow. They also didn't have their back legs yet)

    And the most recent one:

    Will have another one recorded and uploaded either today or tomorrow.
  3. Sad story, even if its not supposed to be one. And just a question, how does one just disappear?
  4. I found him in the sand after the last 2 died. They were very small. Too small to live. I have no amphibian vets were I live, so I can't specify their death cause. I have to take care of fungal treatment, illness, and stress. I assume they hatched too early or had problems in their genetics.
  5. I put 2 beta fish in a tank
    they live to this day
  6. But axolotls aren't fish :p They're salamanders that stay in larval stage for their entire life.
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  7. I like axolotls because they're cute, but it's very hard to take care of them.
  8. Temperature of water they need: Room Temperature
    They need a hiding place and to be fed live or dead food.

    I don't see how that's difficult?
  9. Must be a Male and Female.
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  10. Wikipedia doesn't say exactly that.
  11. Don't go to wikipedia, go here: axolotl.org
  12. Cool, I may have an axolotl.
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