A "Special" Thanks (And some FailGames) :)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by scratchminus, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, during the time I've been on EMC, I've absolutely loved it. Almost everyone has been super kind and I am about to hit what I believe to be a small milestone, 20k rupees. I just wanted to thank a few people for that reason. I wanted to also say thanks to everyone in the EMC community in general. :) This video is basically a thanks to a lot more people than just you guys (while I play Survival Games XD) and I just wanted you all to watch this so you know I care about y'all. I begin the EMC thanks at about 13:00 minutes, so if you want to, you can skip to there.


    Specifically, I wanna thank:

    AlexChance: You seem like a really cool guy and I've sold tons of items to your shop and bought things from your shop. Thanks for being the coolest "celebrity" on the server and for always keeping your shop in stock. :D
    rdmaster: I wasn't clear on this in the video, but thanks for trusting me when I said that I was not reselling your items. I have a certain amount of respect for your maturity on the forums and servers, and I also like that you are kind and considerate to others. Also, thanks for all the cheap speed potions. ;)
    ZimfurrY: He basically bought hundreds of wool from me for his project, which is the main reason I'm this close to 20k today. Thanks, you're a cool guy. :p
    FalloutBe: ...we're slime bros... :D
    neonkillah: I feel like there's something special I need to say about neon, but I can't remember. :(
    bushyspecialk: When I wasn't able to finish his chest search for him on his lot (because I ran out of chests and permission issues) he was fine with it. He still paid me what he said he'd pay me and he finished it himself. To you, bro, I'm very sorry I wasn't able to finish that, but I did a lot of work for you before that, and you payed me very well. I really do appreciate it. :)

    To those of you who I didn't thank, who remember something I should be thanking you for, go ahead and post. But if I don't recognize you, I probably won't put it up here. :p Anyways, thanks for your time, EMC. I love y'all (not that kinda love, guys, not that kind. XD).