A Sort Of Contest......

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  1. ok well i need someone to make a small around 10 x 10 wool art logo for MVP! i dont care what colours of wool you use as i might change it anyway. I am willing to pay the person with the best 10 x 10 logo for my new company! the wool art can have a back ground kind of thing. do u know the yankees logo? how the letters overlap? thats what i want my MVP to look like!:D

    so yeah as i said i will pay the person with the best logo in a 10 x 10 space 2k!
  2. I could use some money's,.. I'll try this. You might want to post a picture of the Yankees logo so people know what it is.
  3. im too lazy to post a picture.....:p and good luck on the logo!
  4. Gave it my best shot!:) 2013-03-09_15.12.27.png
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  5. Considering i will give u a little help i want it standing up so not lying on ground, no background which is purple wool, and letters overlapping!:p;) hope this helps!
  6. Thanks
  7. Shocking :p
  8. :D
  9. Another shot, hope i could do a :) 2013-03-09_15.35.21.png
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  10. ok im gonna announce the winner in morning keep making entries:D