A song i made using my past depression

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On a scale from 1-5 one being bad and five being good how was it?

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  1. Hey guys so i'm back with another song... Please take the time to click the link and enjoy the video... I'm sorry for the last song i made it was me trying to make a club song but it just kinda did not work out to well.. :D oh well. Now that i have had some time to sit down for summer break i had enough time to throw some piano and bass together to make an actual song that comes from the heart not 5 minutes and a six pack of mountain dew for the sake of the moment. This time i actually tried hard and took about an hour of time to do the instrumentals and took another 2-3 hours to think and implant the lyrics into the song and another 10 minutes to throw it all into a video editing software so i can convert it into the proper format for Youtube to allow me to upload it but without further adoo i present my work here
  2. Please leave a comment on video if you have time i just want to hear feedback from the people who have watched.