A Small Dilemma.

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  1. I have always loved pokemon games. They make me feel like a child again (technically, I still am, but you know what I mean), and whenever a new game comes out, I usually rush to the store and buy it immediately. However, recently, both of my DSs have broken. Due to this, the last pokemon game I bought was B/W, and I've been feeling sad about missing out on X/Y, and now S/M. I have roughly $1000, and could easily afford a 3DS, X/Y, and S/M when it comes out, since it would cost at most $300. However, I die a little inside whenever I spend money, and will only be able to use my DS (if I buy it) for three more years, and then it's off to college for me, when I assume I will have little to no spare time. In addition, I've heard horror stories of Sophomore/Junior year, and will probably spend what free time I have on MC.

    So, what do I do?
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  2. I say do what you think will make you happy :)
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  3. I say buy it. My reasoning? If it reminds you of your childhood yet you're scared growing up/stressful and busy times will interfere with playing it, I say that's even more reason to buy it. Sometimes you just gotta take some time away from everything else, forget about the real world temporarily, and just do something that makes you feel happy and safe. If that's pokemon for you, I say without a doubt to go out and get you a new DS :)
  4. You still have spare time, high school does not take time compared to how college is supposed to be like... during my 2nd and 3rd year, I had plenty of free time after school and only some days were spent on school work only...
  5. I would just weigh out the Pro's and Con's and see what you think is the best option :p