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Should I legally change my name to Bobert Robert?

Yeah! 13 vote(s) 81.3%
No! 3 vote(s) 18.8%
  1. Today I was cleaning my room and besides finding some broken computers to mess with I found a certificate. A birth certificate. And the name is NOT Bobert Robert, but it said Matthew (last name withheld)!!! I don't know what to do! My whole life is literally a lie now! I suppose I'm not Bobert Robert :( I just need a virtual hug over the Internet and a shoulder to cry on. This hurts. It really hurts.
  2. It may be someone else's birth certificate....

    So , MATT, u should look into it ;)
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  3. *insert [Matthew's] avatar here*
  4. How do we know if either of them is your real name.
  5. Hmm...
    Well, assuming he is Matthew Last-Name-Withheld, then he has been lying to us for some time about being this 'BobertRobert' character. Quite fishy, if you ask me.
  6. Just like SillyWhiteMage and the backup control program for my SWM.exe might be fake. I might really be the DNSChanger. I've spent all this time finding stuff out about all the members.
  7. Well I'm not sure if this is good news, but I checks into it via hospital, records, drivers permit and parents and it turns out I am truly Matthew B. also apparently I am currently 5ft 5in, while just a few months ago I was 5ft 4in... This conspiracy can NOT go on any longer. I'm gonna fin who made me imBobertRobert and make them answer to justice. This liar needs to be stopped!
    EDIT: Alright so I learned that the picture of the so called Bobert Robert is actually me, just wearing a gas mask. Since I don't think I ever took that picture, I should update it with a pictur I me wearing my other gas mask.
    EDIT: that also means that I need to change my skin :( this is all horrible!
  8. I don't think you should, Matthew Robert.
  9. Robert isn't my last name :( unfortunately whoever did this to me made people think my last name is Robert! Although I won't say I directly, it's the name of a Sherlock Holmes book, but not the "hound of the" part.
  10. Baskerville! IS your last name!
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  11. Your avatar makes you look like you should be in Slipknot.
  12. well thanks for ruining the mystery! LOL :p but yeah so matthew baskerville is my supposed real name. im still having trouble believing it D:
  13. All the guys in Slipknot wear masks. Your gas mask in your avatar picture reminded of the masks that the guys from Slipknot wear.
  14. ... so whats slipknot?
  15. You've never heard of Slipknot... odd. Slipknot is a really awesome band.
  16. oh a band i assumed it was a TV show! yeah i dont listen to much music. when i do i usually stick to what i know and dont look for different bands.