A simple way to backdate Minecraft.

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  1. So if you want test out the new release with out having to not be able to play on most servers for a bit, you without switching .jars heres the link to the site http://digiex.net/minecraft/mcvtool/ It's a simple download and lets you play on any version of Minecraft.
  2. A long time ago, on my old PC, I downloaded something like this, and it works!
  3. That client does work! I've tested it LOOOONG time ago. I used it to play the alpha versions, I've miss the old minecraft days :eek: I think i'm gonna play alpha soon again!!!!
  4. Spoutcraft.
  5. Or just use MUC. You just download it, run it and select a version from a screen.
  6. have you really met JustinGuy?
  7. Yes, I have. I even have a picture :D
  8. upload it please, i gotta see JustinGuy!!
  9. It is quite an old picture, djozane has since left, i've changed my skin and this was taken 2 weeks after the wild reset :p

  10. i thought real life XD i met JustinGuy too he said "Hi, there Nfell! hows it going?" i said "OMFG your JustinGuy, im fine thanks wbu?"
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  11. Norton that I have on my computer is blocking me from accessing your link.:(
  12. Signed I presume.
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  13. (this worked for me) MC Nostalgia can downgrade you, but takes up quite a bit of space, if its your last option, you probably should use it if your desperate.
  14. I'm using Windows 7, will this work for me?
  15. Almost everybody uses windows 7, including the MC nostalgia developer, so yes.
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  16. Same here. Is it really a malicious site or can I go ahead and "continue to site anyway"? If it's Norton just being retarded, I'd like to got to the site anyway.
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  17. I downloaded the folder, but I can't get to the exe.
  18. Im stuck with 1.3 YAY!!!
    No EMC for a week,
    Not playing Empire miencraft isnt healthy.
  19. I have to move in a few from now, so it shouldn't hurt me as much.
  20. http://www.minecraftmine.org/minecraft-1-2-5-jar/

    Download 1.2.5 off there
    windows 7 - start > search box > %appdata%
    Click .minecraft
    open the folder bin
    delete minecraft.jar
    copy into the folder the recently download 1.2.5 jar DONE :D
    XP - stat > run > %appdata% > press enter
    click .minecraft
    open the folder bin delete minecraft.jar
    copy into the folder the recently downloaded 1.2.5 jar DONE :D