A side server for EMC?

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  1. I am runnig a small server for me and a few friends, and wa wondering if EMC would be willnig to take this on as a sort of side project? Meaning, it would run a few of the similar plug ins, but have things that EMC doesnt, such as pvp etc?
  2. EMC will probably not take on any unofficial servers. If they wanted a PVP server they would have made one. Also do not try to recruit people on your server from here :( it will not end well.
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  3. Not trying to recruit at all, hence the lack of a server name or address. EMC may not want pvp on their servers, but some of their members might. What is wrong with a member run side server to take a break when EMC gets boring? By being affiliated with the main servers in some way, it helps keep the community together, along with giving pople a break from the normal servers.
  4. Is this server approved by Kalland Labs? If not this is considered server advertising.
  5. Does nobody read this topic? *Sigh* I'm askign if the community would support Kalland Labs affiliating wit ha side server.
  6. Your not suppose to blurt it out. Your suppose to email Kalland Labs before doing something like this.
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  7. He has in no way said the server name or address, and is just asking for community input on his idea. Don't go so hared on him.
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  8. I created my server before I even had this idea. My server will go on whether or not this idea takes off, and its existence for me and my friends to play off is not contingent on whether or not this idea happens. In other words : I dont really care if this happens or not, I just thought it would be fun. I will run my server regardless, aside from EMC if need be.
  9. I was referring to the "advertising" thing not the server! Silly :p, I have nothing against your server, its just that it "sort" of advertising in EMC.
  10. So you see a billboard that says "We Sell Hamburgers!". There is no company name, or address. Is this advertising? I do not believe so.

    Saying you have a server is not advertising. It is a statement.
  11. It's an ad for burgers, not the company. If it was an ad for the company, it would say, "Come to so and so" Since it's not, it advertises the product itself.
  12. btw, justinguy still has a server to put out.
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  14. If it were an ad for hamburgers, it would not use the posessive "We".
  15. nerone can we talk?
  16. Mentioning you have a server is fine... I do it myself! I have a bukkit and tekkit server :p
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  17. im trying to but the command line spazzes out