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  1. Maybe its a fun idea to add a server where the selection of the best builds in all the servers are. So for example when you build a really nice castle and there is a staffmember in your server online, you can ask them to put your build in the server. When the staff memeber thinks your build is awesome then they can copy it and put it in the server. The player who made that castle will get some rupies and his name will get a color (a color thats not used yet). This way everyone in every server will get a goal for himself if they want to get in the server and you will get an awesome price.
  2. I don't think this will be added. A server just for good builds would cost too much to run and there are too many good builds to put on one server. With the rupees element, people would cheat to get the money: get someone to build it for them or claim that a build is theirs when it isn't. -1