A Reminder: Set firespread to false

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  1. Through-out the last week two heart-wrenching incidents have happened on the world of EMC. Here are the details:
    See, two very different incidents yet two very similar outcomes. There is a lesson to be learnt by this.

    Always set firespread to false. It would have prevented both of these terrible things happening. It doesn't matter if you're offline or online, just leave it off unless absolutely needed. So remember:
    /res set firespread false
  2. Smart, this thread, I will do this tomorrow, however, almost anything on my res is made of stone, so... :D
  3. i saw the damage done on the smp1 server. terrible. i feel pretty bad for her :(
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  4. Still worth doing. There's bound to be wood in your house somewhere which wouldn't be great to lose. Then again: it's not good to lose anything (except griefers, bad smells and chicken pox).
  5. Yes, I know, I will do it tomorrow when I will be online on EMC, I am now on the iPad you know...
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  6. Nothing will grow on your res if you do so though. Just letting you know.
  7. How about setting fire spread off before you log of.
  8. Why?
  9. From what I understand, if you set fire spread to false it just affects fire and grass growing unless they fixed it.
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  10. Back when I first joined EMC 151 days ago, I made a wood house , also made a fire place... came back from wild to see it on fire, luckily there where a lot of players all ready on hand with buckets..

    So /res set firespread false

    you can also do lavaspread and water flow
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  12. This is 100% correct. It doesn't affect crops growing, just 'plants' spreading.
  13. Will this also mean lava won't set fire to my clocktower's interior while I'm not looking?
  14. You'll need to use lavaflow maybe?
  15. Huh what's lavaflow?
  16. Read 5 posts up. :)
  17. When you say plants spreading does that include but not limited too; vines and mushrooms?
  18. Wait never mind ignore my previous post!
  19. So does that mean that lava won't set fire toy residence if I were to set that specific flag to false? And for another question would this affect my cobblestone generators functioning correctly?
  20. Hmm I didn't think of that. It might. But maybe if you set firespread, lava won't catch stuff on fire. I think the lavaflow might actually just make it so that when you dump lava, it sits there in a block, not flow all over the place.