A Rare Occasion

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ruari342, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. At 12:11 on smp8 first time i have done it. Me and ChrisFlareon actually set the server to day by sleeping :p
    Lot of fun :D
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  2. First time I've ever seen something like this on EMC in my life... :'D Or any multiplayer server for that matter =P
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  3. The magic :O
  4. Btw that was done at scottjw44, tubbyrunnymouse and my new sell shop at 16100. Such advertisement :p
  5. That's pretty darn impressive. :confused: So you were the only ones online?
  6. Yeah, I do that all the time in my outpost in the Wild, and on smp8, no less!


    Wait, is that.. in Town?!

    My god...
  7. I'm actually shocked at why so many people have never done this before haha.
  8. its hard to do unless you are the only one online, people online tend to have beds set certain places for reasons and wont just reset so you dont have to wait
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  9. I'm quite often the only person on at 7am gmt time! Lonely, I am so Lonely! :)
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  10. I know, i used to be on regularly at that time and nobody was on so i changed my schedule around haha.
  11. I often do that in the wild but town is a greater accomplishment. :) Put it in one of those achievement things in your signature :D