A quick question about POS (player owned shops)

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  1. lets say i want to start a brewery and sell the potions for ruppies.
    is it possible for me to post an item on the sign that isnt the exact name of the object?

    for instance

    healing potion II wont fit on one line of text
    so can i put Heal II and it still work? or does the name have to be the EXACT name for the item?
  2. It will have to be the exact name. We will eventually post official IDs for the potions.
  3. Potions are actually all 1 ID with extra info at the end.
    go to the website at the bottom of this message and find potions. look for the potion you want to sell, and type the number WITH the colon:)) and the sign will say "POTION:####" and that will sell the correct potion, but you need to put a sign above/near it saying what it is so people dont have to go to that website to find out what potion it is.

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