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  1. Now the anvil cost a massive amount of xp to repair a lvl 30 tool, how about a god sword it will take forever to get the xp needed. Like lvl 145. Is there any cheap way to repair a god tool ??

    If I decided to repair it i will take 2 months of playing to get the xp
  2. buy lots of exp bottles
  3. Not really a viable option as they are quite expensive.
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  4. If I got a new god sword is cheap than exp bottles
  5. It doesn't cost lvl 145 its like only 40-60 level
  6. Get an enderman xp farm. Nuff Said.
  7. If the sword costs too much to repair, it won't be possible on the server. For example, if something costs 70 levels to repair in creative mode, it is impossible to repair in survival. I'm not sure what the max repair cost level is, but I'm sure it's far below 145.
    But to answer your question, I'd definitely go with enderman xp farm.
  8. Why enderman farm he gives 5 xp like zombies and skeletons? So is there a difference ??
  9. With an Enderman farm I've used, you can fix it so that you stand in one spot and look at them, lead them to the place to crush them and then go down and hit them once and get EXP. Also Blaze give 10 EXP so if you can get to a Blaze Grinder then you're set.
  10. No, Aikar coded it so that it will still repair if u click on it. Like my lvl 40 picks that repair alot, it says 2 expensive but if i click on it with 42 levels it repairs.
  11. Oh. So any weapon can essentially be repaired?
  12. Yuppers
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  13. Enderman, as far as I know, give more xp than zombies or skeletons so it makes it easier to get levels. Making an enderman farm would be the best solution to your problem in my opinion.
  14. Enderman spawn much. Faster than most mobs, especially in grinders.
    This makes it easier to get xp.
    Also, you can slowly repair the item with the ore from which it comes. If it is a diamond god sword, put one diamond in the anvil until it is repaired.
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  15. Odd, I've heard someone else say this but yet Wiki says this:
  16. H. Quite a large difference between 20k for end dragon and 50 for wither :/
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  17. My mistake then, other people just had told me that but apparently they were wrong. Still an enderman farm is the best way to go because they spawn more frequently and I have had more luck getting to level 30 quick with an enderman farm than any other farm.