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  1. If anyone could, could I have some estimates on the value of the following items....

    -90 Iron Blocks
    -56 Gold Blocks
    -30 Diamond Blocks
    -12 Emerald Blocks
    -2 Beacons

    -Empire Firework (New Years 2012)
    -Treasure Voucher
    -Valentine's Gift
    -JackBiggin Signed Book and Head
    -Full set of 60k Members Items
    -2x Empire Firewok (4th July 2013)
    =2x Independence Day Firework
    -2x Stable Vouchers
    -Saltar (Unused)
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  2. Beacons go for around 10k each.Diamond/emerald blocks around 300-400 each.Iron blocks around 70r each.
    Empire Firework-around 20k.
    Treasure Voucher-11.5k or so.
    Valentines Gift-5-8k.
    Jackbiggin book & head-don't know,I might buy this off you,make me an offer.
    60k members items set-around 130k
    2 Empire Fireworks-20k each
    Independence Day Fireworks-again,20k each
    Stable Vouchers-10k each.
    Saltar-around 40k.
  3. Not sure about the special items, but
    Iron Blocks: 36r per (@ 4r per ingot)
    Gold Blocks: 90r per (@ 10r per ingot)
    Diamond blocks: 450r per (@ 50r per diamond)
    Emerald block: 180r per (@ 20r per emerald)
    Beacon: 10k per

    These are the prices I see most on smp7, so it would be higher on 1 or 9, but thats what I would pay.
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  5. Bump? Going to try and get an average of all the estimates.
  6. -JackBiggin Signed Book and Head - 27 million rupees
  7. =KEEP IT!
  8. -90 Iron Blocks Well, seeing as the lowest I buy for is 3, take 3 x 9 x 90 and there's your answer
    -56 Gold Blocks 12 x 9 x 56?
    -30 Diamond Blocks 50 x 9 x 30 + a (difference + 2 bought for)
    -12 Emerald Blocks don't know, maybe 13k for all? :confused:
    -2 Beacons 22k is the most people buy for nowadays

    -Empire Firework (New Years 2012) ~ 30k +
    -Treasure Voucher 11k - 15k
    -Valentine's Gift I think 30k - 40k is a good estimate
    -JackBiggin Signed Book and Head probs 13k at most for book, 5k for head
    -Full set of 60k Members Items 70k for all?
    -2x Empire Firewok (4th July 2013) 15k each
    =2x Independence Day Firework 15k each
    -2x Stable Vouchers 15k each
    -Saltar (Unused) 13k - 15k
  9. Even if I can't afford that,I have a souvenir screenshot of you looking very happy and going AFK.I even screenshoted a game of Catch the Hamster.
  10. Chin, If you still have it, may I buy the treasure voucher?
  11. They're not for selling atm, purely a collectors item for me
  12. Would you maybe sell the gold blocks? I'll pay 10r per ingot