A Poster for an upcoming... Project.

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  2. Depends on the project. I love the poster itself; it's simple yet it says a lot without having to have many words on it. But, say this was a poster for a food company, it wouldn't exactly fit well.

    Without knowing what it's for, I love it. :)
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  3. I love it! It's simple and says a lot, just like cadenman2002 said. Seeing the flag on top of the structure makes me assume that your project is either an outpost or some kind of castle?

    The bottom image makes me lean towards the castle idea, considering there's some kind of lampy artifact thingy (official term).

    I want to see more!
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  4. I'll say it's a creative endeavor. Nothing more for now.

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  5. Not true, it could be a food pyramid, a janky food pyramid, but I know mine isn't in order correctly...
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  6. EDIT: Changed the colors.