A Once Great Kingdom..

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  1. Me and my friend spent days, hours out, FAR out in the wilderness, creating a kingdom. Here is what we had.

    Then we were attacked.... And this is the result.

    Aswell as all of our loots.. We came back to only 4 survivors, out of the many villagers that had lived there, we begin reconstruction, of a once great nation. May our hearts be with the fallen, and the ones who live on to tell the tale.
  2. That is really cool. Sad it was attacked.
  3. I just wish there was PvP in the wilderness, so these things wouldnt happen. The pity...
  4. Players that did this have been banned.
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  5. Thank you, so much! We can now rest, and rejoice!
  6. Hmm, greifers deserve a plate full of moldy pie :mad:
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  7. Great place you have out there. Don't forget to lock your chests ;)
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  8. We now did, we got too comfortable and lazy. :( This was an eye opener, we're now taking higher percautions with these things and storing our goods.
  9. Wise words. They took 40+ diamonds, 9 emeralds (5 from me, 4 from Bobcat), and an unknown large quantity of iron / gold from us as well. The most insulting part of it though, is that they hit us while we were present in the area (underground mining at the time). And took our anvil, which is just kind of a jerk move no matter how you slice it.

    Nevertheless, rebuilding has already begun. Chests have been locked, villagers recruited from a nearby village, to restore our populations, and the burned-away wood can always be re-farmed.

    Thank you for your swift action in dealing with the offending players :)
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  10. It's always a shame when this happens, 2 of the wild camps I'm part of have been griefed.
  11. That little town u got there looks amazing , hopefully it gets fixed
  12. We're rebuilding now, and got a hired hand on his way to help aswell, I'm bummed I cannot be there at this time, finals are bogging me down.
  13. Stolen materials aside, it's just burned wood and wool. Easy to fix, given the time to farm out the oak for 'em. Most of the worst-damaged buildings have already been restored. Some of the burned-off roofing I'll need to locate the NPC floor-plans for though, to fix them properly.

    Also discovered our 56 blocks of obsidian were taken (as well as various livestock eggs and misc. mob drops). It's somewhat odd to see what was / wasn't taken, and the things that weren't done as well as what was. For instance, they burned down the village, but left some buildings alone, didn't break either of our beds, and didn't use the smith's lava to grief anything.
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  14. Was like a hit and run, for SnG's "let's grief what we can before they get back, oh crap here they come, run!" atleast that's what I think, none the less.. It sucked when we got back up, and we saw that..
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  15. That's the chin up attitude that I like to see. xD place looks great guys!
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