A(nother) crazy idea

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  1. So I think most of you know that Yukon1200 (My friend Aaron) and I run the Empire MineCast. I was thinking recently, and though of another YouTube idea. I want to know your opinion on two things: whether the idea is a good one (whether you'd watch and contribute), and whether you think it'd be reasonable for me to take on in addition to the MineCast.

    Here's the idea:

    I know a little bit about a lot of things. That's how I am. It's because I'm always asking questions about everything I can. What I want to do is this: I want to create a YouTube channel in which people ask questions about anything from taxes to turnips to quantum physics. I'll answer the questions to the best of my knowledge, and then consult an expert (being at a university, one shouldn't be hard to find). I'll then put together a 5-10 minute video about the subject, hopefully complete with an expert explanation and some cool (read, "amateur") animations showing how stuff works. Oh, and it'll all be easy to understand. Ever try to read the wikipedia page on Divergence Theorem? I did, after taking a two classes that both involved learning about it (and yes, I did well in both). It was gibberish to me. So I'll be sure to make the videos easy to understand, because complicated stuff is boring.

    So, to recap: You send in questions. I talk to smart people. Smart people explain stuff in easy-to-understand ways. I draw stuff that goes along with what the smart people say. I put it all together in a little video. You watch the video. We all learn a little bit about everything.

    Thoughts? Questions?

  2. Seems cool
  3. Can we discuss how, and why a cow would turn into the matter of a creamy, ( or some might say, ice creamy) texture?
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  4. I like that idea....lol I will call it Jabr and smart guy helping me with my homework :p
  5. Me Gusta, I'm taking some nuclear processing classes might ask a few here and there lol :p
  6. I like it.
  7. I like it. I think it is a great idea!
    You are AWESOME!
  8. So... a question like "Why the $@#&% does my cat eat plastic bags???" would be appropriate?
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  9. "thoughts?" awesome :) "will a be able to help?" i probably don't know anything u don't XD
  10. I can help here. I've seen some research on elementary particles and the fundamental interactions in my day.