A Not-so-Secret Project

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What do you think this is for

Grinder 5 vote(s) 38.5%
Experiment 1 vote(s) 7.7%
Mob Arena 1 vote(s) 7.7%
Both B and C 6 vote(s) 46.2%
  1. K so I've had this idea all my vacation and since I am 5 - 7 hours away from home, I shall request materials now.

    I give 4.5k for:

    Single Zombie Spawner
    4 sticky pistons
    64 redstone
    8 repeaters
    2 stacks glass
    4 redstone lamps
    4 levers
    1 chest of dirt

    Please have all the materials at the Spawner, pm the coords and I would like it 2k blocks away from spawn
  2. Oh! You want a zombie spawner with all that? no chance
  3. I meant all the materials except the spawner in a chest.
  4. Oh! I can get all the materials for 4.5k
  5. I have all those materials for sale in my shop at 18648 and it'd cost you less than 4.5k
  6. I'd like to pay it forward.

    I'll give you the materials. As for the spawner. I can't help.

    Edit: I do not have redstone lamps either.
  7. I did have spawner co-ords but sold them, how much you offer for the spawner?
  8. -Snip-

    I know of a spawners tens of thousands of blocks away from spawn on SMP2 on another continent.
  9. Uh how do YOU get to it let alone him?
  10. Moving. With the AWSD keys.
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  11. Good, great, and bad news. your order is ready at smp4 8981 :). I even had the redstone lamps:D. No spawner though.:(
  12. Good response :) Props to you my good sir!