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  1. Hi, i'm Frullino, i'm kinda new on this server, i was looking for a long time for a good minecraft server and i found it here :) , i already subscribe as iron supporters and i'm moving in with 10 friends ( maybe more :| ), i'm kinda the scout of the group.....anyway....during the night somebody walk in my house, destroy my cactus-trap for zombies and stole 2 chest of usefull things....i'm in the server 9, in the wilderness, wt can i do for having the stuff back?
  2. Well since you're in the Wild there really isn't much you can do. The Wild doesn't have protected areas so there will be griefers. You can't really do much to get stuff back other than go chop down more cactus and remake/find those things. Unless you have screenshot proof of the person who did it there really isn't much that can be done.

    Also there's a way to lock your chests in the wilderness. http://empireminecraft.com/guide/locking
  3. i don't think so :|, here's the rules:

    2. Thou Shalt Not Steal

    Do not steal from other players, even if you find an unlocked player chest in the wilderness or if you have container permissions on another players lot. If you are caught doing so you will permanently banned.
  4. If caught. Meaning if you got screenshots and can prove to a Moderator who stole your items then nothing can be done. There are several other threads like this that ask the very same and they're told exactly the same as I have stated.
  5. People aren't supposed to but do the best thing you can do it just carry on sorry for your loss, and unless you have a screenshot mod's cant really do much
  6. Thing is, you didn't catch them. Who should we ban, you have no proof of who it was or what was in the chests. I could say that I had 64 diamonds in a chest in the wild and someone stole them. Would the mods refund me? No. It is stated that you build in the wild at your own peril. If you got robbed that sucks. But unless you got a convincing screen shot there's not much we can do. I would suggest that if your going to build in the wild, build a little further out next time, that tends to discourage greifers and to lock any chests with valuables like Panda said.

    Edit: Seems as if some other people answered the question first!
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  7. :(, i found in other servers that there was a moderator command for fin who stole from a chest :(
  8. other question: if i lock a chest, someone can take down the wall where there is the [locked] sign and unlock the chest?
  9. no they can not
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  10. We past I think 30000 members or something. Do you know how many chests that is? It's the same as block tracking, we don't have the resources at this point to keep track of all that. We could, but it would be at the detriment of the players, causing lag and such. I'm willing to take that little extra walk and lock a chest rather that it take 2 minutes to break a block. ;)
  11. Yep, the admins tested this one good. There are some funny stories of Justin getting blown up by creepers to test every possible way to break the lock. TNT, creepers, pistons, you name it. It's all been done. The way it works is, if I'm not mistaken, the sign once it's a lock is taken "out of phase" meaning that nothing short of player interaction can break it. It pays no attention to outside forces.
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  12. Correct. Everyone here has explained it perfectly.

    You can not destroy another players lock. If your name isn't on the lock, you can't modify it or access the locked chest.
    Also, we do not have "log-block" or "roll-backs" because we do not have the resources to accomplish such an activity.
    All Staff are volunteers. We do not receive pay for our work. We are compensated with benefits of EMC but not exactly the same as our supporters. I.E. we do not get Utopia lots, unless we were Diamond Supporters prior to being promoted, and we only get 4 lots, unless we can prove we will utilize additional lots.
    However, we work more than we play Minecraft and so we do not have the perks without responsibility.

    Please, do not assume things. We have a system in place. EMC is unique.
    Many of our players help out by explaining the same things that our Staff has explained to them when they were new to our server. You will learn to appreciate the things explained to you after you have been a member long enough.
    Soon, you will be helping new players with the same things that you are asking now. :)
  13. thank you very much!i love this community XD everybody looks helpfull!