A new start to EMC! (with upgraded video card)

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  1. So many of you know who I am and many of you do not...

    For those of you who know me, you know i have not been on as much recently. There is a reason and I am glad to say it has been fixed =)

    My laptop has been acting up and the video card specifically has been giving me troubles. The solution: buy a new computer. Well I finally did last night (along with a new desk) so you will be seeing more of me on EMC! It gets here either tomorrow or the next day so I am excited.

    Just thought I would let the EMC community know that they haven't seen the end of me (and likely won't ever) =P

    Update on our residences:
    3764, 3765, 3656, 3657: Still in progress of expansion. Limiting factor = netherbrick and time

    4002: currently closed due to massive overbreeding, once limits on breeding are set, I will work out a way to have a small number of each color available on one lot or divide the colors across my lots underground or something (though public use might suffer some)

    3553:Now managed by Kevdudeman. He will try his best to keep it in stock, but help him out and sell to the store too. Let us know if prices are off as we havent updated them in a LONG time.

    As always, Have a Great Day!
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  2. Welcome back, The Tomato King does remember you ;)
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  3. Goad to see you back! I've only seen you in-game about a couple of times, so I guess.... Welcome back? Lol
  4. Wb Krysyy :)
    As for your breeding problem, Soon I will be pushing a new plugin to the Empire, and one change it brings is breeding will require breed/build flag (I'm going to try to add a breed flag, but if I cant, build it will be)
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  5. Ugh...best buy delayed the order and failed to tell me before I called them to ask where it was...

    at least I got my shipping money back =P

    Now i have to wait til early next week most likely...
  6. That is disappointing... :(

    Well, I hope you get it them without any more hiccups