A NEW Music Thread! Just for Fun! #YOLO

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  1. This is a thread where people can post songs they like and have them be shared. No voting out of /10 if you have something NICE to say then sure, go ahead but, if you absolutely HATE it, keep it to your self.
    So to start off, I have 4 songs to share with everyone. I have 2 more but they are being goofy.
    EDIT: Forgot to mention that the #YOLO means You only LISTEN once.

  2. Well, I have listened to stuff more than once, so...

  3. I can't embed what I want to share, so here's the link. Note that it is a work in progress and isn't finished, but it hopefully will be by the end of the month


    EDIT: Forgot to mention, that This piece is one that I wrote
  4. I will mention that any music/video posted still has to conform to EMC commandments, so any inappropriate language or content will be removed. Please save yourself and staff the trouble of this by keeping it clean and fun. :)
  5. do you like the song I wrote and posted here?
  6. I haven't listened to them yet, I'm on busy public transport with no headphones. :p
  7. where. The New York City subway system? If so, what you need is subway music

  8. EDIT: I'm fairly certain none of these have inappropriate language. . . sorry if I'm wrong! D:
  9. Kinda has some bad language.

  10. Bump! I would like to hear MOAR! MY EARS ARE ON FIRE! (Someone has to post that here :p)
    Anyways here is some Gents!
    I want to hear MOAR MOAR music! (Sorry for the caps :p I get excited :D)
  12. It's no dubstep violin, but this is my favorite song.
  13. Just an FYI... I have supar cray cray lag when I open this thread.... I think putting the videos in spoilers would help with the cray cray a bit.
  14. Yessss!
    Also, some of my favorite songs!
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