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Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by chickeneer, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. So I was at work today (I work in an Ice Cream store), I thought of a new item that should be added to Minecraft- On the same level with Cakes... ICE CREAM!!! The crafting recipe should utilize both Ice (which will become obtainable with Silk Touch in 1.3), Milk, sugar, and Cocoa Beans... Maybe Glass for the Base.

    So maybe 3 Glass Blocks in the bottom Row; Ice, Milk, Ice in the middle Row; and Sugar, Cocoa Bean, Sugar in the top row.

    Any thoughts about this idea?

    A picture our local weatherman shared on Facebook with the Caption- Proof it was Hot Today!
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  2. I see what he did there.
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  3. Then they should add bacon rolls and pies.
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  4. ICC is proud of you.
  5. I think backpack should be added :p
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  6. you know what I think should be added foodwise, pancakes, waffles, toast, eggs, cheese, everything!
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  7. there are eggs :confused:
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  8. I meant COOKED eggs like scrambled, omlets, once over easy, lol or even hard boiled
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  9. Poor baby chicks :confused:
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  10. Actually, this summer me and my friend will be making a mod that adds maple trees, the spire (for getting maple syrup), and a few other things that are classified information ATM. :p
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  11. I sell Ice cream (home made) and i think thats a great idea
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  12. Where is the bear meme when you need him?
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  13. I think Redstone blocks should be added. Like Diamond Blocks, and Iron + Gold Blocks
  14. You mean this one?
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  15. I would love me some IceCream. Oh man if this got added i would make ICC an ICF, IceCreamFactory :p
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  16. Just don't give him too much, Ice cream is his treats. His main meals are made up of trolls. :p
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  17. I could make a machine that grinds up the souls of banned trolls (lolol ryhmes ) and puts troll powder on the icecream :p
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  18. Na, that would spoil it. :p Stick some griefer in there, it should balance out the flavours.
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  19. No... xD
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  20. Ohhhh, so you're making a mod to do it for people. How kind! :D You must have meant this one then. It can't be that horrible no one, ICC would eat you for that... :p
    It's a mini bear :)
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