A New Empire!

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  1. Hello! My name is Royal_Boots, just call me Royal. I was thinking of establishing a new outpost in the frontier.

    I know there are quite a few empires out there already, and they probably seem better than this one. However, I want to make an Empire: With a twist.

    So, my idea is that where i'm living in the frontier ATM is surrounded all by HUGE Mountains. Like really big. What if we made an empire totally underground? It's a weird idea, but if you are looking for a challenge and lots of broken pickaxes, reply on this thread what you think. Whether it's criticism or applications to join, I want to hear it.

    BTW: I'm bad at forums, so i hope this wasn't too awful.
  2. Hmm. This thread went down bad.
  3. Well do you have a established outpost my friend?
  4. Hey mate,

    before I raise false hope, sorry Im deep into my own project. However I wanted to give you some help with this:

    Step 0 - As in many other things, there is a step that comes BEFORE you should do it on your own. And that is apprenticeship. This is how you usually get to know what works and what not. In your case that would mean living in a working empire yourself (You did already? Figured out all the important stuff? Really? Okay well then step 1 it is). If not: You might discover that starting your own group takes a certain kind of person, lets call it a visionary. You do have a nice idea, however is it strong enough to flock people around you? Also beeing the one in charge 90% of the task that you will be doing will be administrative. Maybe ask around other empire officials. If you think starting an empire means you will go mining daily and build and have fun. Well you might be off on this one.

    It might very well be that after this step you found a group that has everything you are looking for. If not its time for step 1.

    Step 1: Starting a group is alot easier if you already have a group. What nonesense, right? Well but its right. Hopefully in step 0 you found friends that share your vision. 1 or 2 more makes a huge difference. You have a trusted core!

    Step 2: What you are asking from the community is investment. Investment of time to check your outpost out. And like it is with money, you prefer the guy with the prototype over the guy with the idea of a prototype. So grab that friend of yours and get started. Make screenshots of your progress.

    Step 3: IT IS TIME! Finally you start your post. You shortly present your outpost (not the idea for one BUT A REAL ONE. Impressive!). Now you use the images to make your thread more interesting. Also you dont have to bump your thread with a boring "Bump", but you can make daily updates. "Look at this vault! If that wont lure in the enderdragon, nothing will!"

    Step 4: YAY WE HAVE FUN, we go mining everyday daily and build and have fun. Something seems fishy? Good you read carefully. YES step 4 should be fun. IF you are the right person for the job. But from this point onward your daily task is:
    - Updating the post
    - Spreading word about the empire
    - Checking new member
    - Showing new member the way ("Hah nooo I will just give that task to one of my member!" - Good luck with that)
    - Deciding on new goals (the auto wheat/potatoe... farm is build, rescources are caped people get bored. What now)
    - Finding new member ("Hey thats what I have the forum post for" - The post is probably manditory, will it bring enough member? Unlikely. Why you need member? If your member go inactive your still active member will get bored. Noone is around, its lonely. AND all your work is gone faster as you can react)

    You got through all this text? Good good. Now I imagine you are either completly depressed by how horrible all this sounds, or you are REALLY hyped about administrating all this. Beeing the guy behind the scene. Making it work, steering the wheel.

    It didnt sound so fun? - Dont worry look around. Ask people what they work on, go take a look. Maybe you find a spot where you can contribute.

    Thats exactly what you want? - GO FOR IT TIGER! Ready for step 0?
    An empire that I think is worth checking out: https://sites.google.com/site/peopleofcarthaga/home

    Best of luck mate :)