A New Beginning Introducing the new Metro-Sqaure

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  1. Hello all this is MetropolisX Im here to present to you Metro Sqaure, a Gigantic area made of 5 residences including Mine,Masterbricks,Lordjade008's,ChaosSet's and atucker2001's redidences made together to create Metro-Sqaure which will have everything possible for minecraft 18857 has the Mega Mall, on june 6th it will be at its full potentail with 12 6 block high ceiling storys all made of shops and departments exept for 2 floors which will be storage, the shop will have everything from cobblestone to enchanted swords to ender stone to chicken eggs all these buildings look very similer with stone bricks and glass panes going 58x58 diamiter the coords of the center of it all is 18857
    Im also in a GREAT NEED OF SUPPLYERS with all this being done it is costing me alot and im having alot of trouble finding supplyer that ar ACTIVE and bring in alot of items i have dedicated 2 residences for farming for supplyers my last res is a full casino with slot machine wheel of fortune and more Chaossets residence will include party central including pools, games.etc THIS IS FOR SPM9 ONLY! i do not plan on doing anything for any other server i dearly ask empire for the roads between these residences i am a diamond supporter Lordjade is gold and Masterbrick is Gold that $40 a month im sure that you can give a small chunk of land for this great project i thank you for anyone supporting this project and my clan members


    thanks for your support please mail me if you would like to become a supplyer or help out

  2. Sounds great :)
  3. Idk if you know this, just in case: above 126 blocks you can build between residences(over the roads) I managed to make a 5 block tall bridge, maybe you can make bigger stuff.
  4. im sorry apparrentaly this project will be canceled because i destroyed some signs and fences in the wilderness and no one would let anyone from my side of the story help, and the people on the other side did some lieing to make it seem like i did alot of destroying considering it a huge greifing problem
    so good luck adminassholes!
  5. :O I cant believe you called the admins that and metro, it was not just a few signs and fences
  6. you probably did do it if you called the admins that. Just saying.
  7. LOL, with that attitude i believe you should have been banned long before, it's pretty bad to know that some of the supporters of the great empire are just knucleheads.
  8. perms banned for breaking around 4 oak logs worth? i mean thats just awful
  9. what else can i do they wont let anyone on my side join and will not budge for unbanning me even when i was nice
  10. i will make a thread with my last words for all have done to help emc and what i get in return
  11. and btw im a knucklehead who designed digital clocks minecraft pong a ginder for creepers and who builds customs computers from scratch
  12. I'm sure you can all see where our decisions came from here. :)
  13. 4 oak logs that were worth 125r each
  14. He's now site banned, so he won't see any responses, btw. It doesn't matter if it's one oak block or a whole house, when you admit you destroyed something that belongs to anyone else on purpose, we will take it seriously.
  15. Icc i have a question, what happens if you break a house just for materials, and come back later and fix it
  16. Mainly because is on the FREAKING RULES!
    Anyways, can you site unban him? i think community has a couple of things to say before the final funeral.
  17. Then you griefed, is just like stealing a bank and then coming back with the money, you already did the bad part, so nothing will be enough to fix it.

    There are 2 things that never come back: An arrow that was shooted, and a word said.
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  18. Your still a knucklehead, congrats on accepting it.
  19. And YOUR MOM! Sorry had to do that.... xD
  20. Actually, my mom will never come back because she never leaved.

    EDIT: I don't know about his neither.