A need for cool stairs!!

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  1. I have recently noticed that my shop is unorganized and hard for people to get to so I began building another one. I need some stair ideas though,every time I come up with an idea it come out looking horrible. So.....I'm willing to pay someone to make me some cool stairs when I am finished, but in the mean time I would like to get some ideas from people. I am willing to pay someone 350 rupees to build me stairs for say..... a 7 story building. Here are some pictures of what the levels will look like. If you are interested please PM me so I can talk to you. Thanks, Socom.
    P.S. The stairs must not interfere with my lighting.

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  2. You could use teleports to go from one floor to another... that is your best bet!
    It takes the least amount of room!
    What server are you on... and were is this place?
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  3. /v socomsoldier289 is your friend :p Just do it from any server and it will tell you which server to login to :)
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  4. Let me think of something... then i'll come and help :)